M-PAT 2017
Official Title
2nd MAPO Performing Arts & Tourism Festival 2017
City, enchanted by music
'City in the Mood'
Sep.22 (Fri)-Nov.24 (Fri), 2017
Gyeongui Square in front of Jaehwa Square Building (Gongdeok Station), Mapo-gu area base and Mapo Art Center and throughout Mapo-gu
Hosted · Organized by
Mapo Cultural Foundation, Mapo-gu and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
The 2nd M-PAT Classical Music Festival
Pioneering the new horizons of Mapo-gu festival brand with world's
common cultural language classical music

"70 classical concerts including orchestras, ensembles and operas held throughout Mapo-gu for 60 days, More than 500 classical artists participating" “ M-PAT : 'Mapo Performing Arts & Tourism Festival' that includes performances, arts and tourism"

Mapo Embracing Classic. Challenging for a new festival.

The main content of second M-PAT Festival, organized by Mapo Cultural Foundation in 2017, is classic. The classical genre is world's cultural language which has been loved by many people for a long time will contribute to enriching the festival genre of Mapo-gu which consist of conventional music, local culture, interdisciplinary art and broadcast art. In addition, classic is a pure art genre which received a favorable reputation for achieving a new paradigm of classical music festival by publicly implementing various cultural feasts through classical music. The second M-PAT classical music festival will help to enhance the aesthetic value of city of Mapo as well as strengthening the solidarity of local residents by creating an economic value linked with local commercial areas. Especially, a festival where the entire city can mingle with music. In order to secure an atmosphere which matches the classical music content and to make festival in which all of local residents can participate by spatializing various cultural resources of the region. We will transform into various forms so that people can enjoy comfortably (Gongdeok Station, Grass Park in front of the Jaehwa Square), grand (Produced Opera ""Carmen""), romantic (Romantic Classic) atmosphere of party (Classic Party) and have casual (Casual Classic) feature, yet equipped with formality(Classic on the Screen).

The 2nd M-PAT Classical Music Festival in which the entire city becomes a cultural arts space

The 2nd M-PAT Classical Music Festival will develop new and special spaces in the city center of Mapo-gu and make the entire city a festival space. , which has become a new resting place of Seoul citizens beyond Mapo-gu, is transformed into outdoor plaza where people can enjoy various classical performances with comfortable grass and is reinterpreted as an outdoor opera stage to present the produced opera ""Carmen"". In addition, we will lay the foundations for Mapo-gu to become a new cultural center of Korea that leads the classics by changing , which has transformed from the bathhouse into a multicultural space, into a classical guitar performance hall and turning the large regional church into the stage for the publicly familiar overseas artist.

A large classical music festival in the city center with a total of 14 classical arts groups, 500 classical artists and 70 performances

The 2nd M-PAT Classical Music Festival will be a massive urban classical music festival with a total of 70 performances by 14 classical groups and around 500 artists. In addition, the festival is receiving high expectations outside the area because it is a festival hosted through attracting external funds to cover full expense as government subsidy and tourism fund. However, the 2nd M-PAT classical music festival will overcome cultural barriers of classical music with a performance program which is undeterred by social class, and will provide elegant global contents for foreign tourists to improve the brand value of global cultural city Mapo. As a new paradigm of classical music festival which covers both indoors and outdoors, it will become a festival which can be enjoyed together by everyone ranging from artists to classical enthusiasts and the general public.