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M-PAT 2018
Official Title
Official Title 3rd MAPO?Performing?Arts & Tourism?Festival 2018
M-PAT 2018
Festival Theme
Mapo, enchanted by classic 'City in the Classic'
Festival Schedule
Sep.5 (Wed)-Oct.26 (Fri), 2018
Mapo Art Center, Sangam World Cup Park Waterside Stage, Guesthouse, Live Clubs and throughout Mapo-gu
Hosted · Organized by
Mapo Cultural Foundation and Mapo-gu, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, City of Seoul and Korea Tourism Organization

A 50-day classic banquet to embroider autumn night in Mapo! More than 70 classical concerts including orchestras, ensembles and operas will be held throughout Mapo-gu for 50 days, More than 500 classical artists will be participating

Opening Mapo's new elegant cultural tourism trend

with global classical music!

The festival, which began in 2015 as Mapo Performing Arts & Tourism Festival (M-PAT), became the present M-PAT Classical Music Festival after the 2nd festival in 2017. The classical genre is world's common culture language which has been loved by many people for a long time and has contributed to enriching the existing Mapo-gu's festival genre which consist of conventional music, local culture, interdisciplinary art and broadcast art. In addition, classic is a pure art genre which received a favorable reputation for achieving a new paradigm of classical music festival by publicly implementing various cultural feasts through classical music. Celebrating the age of 1.6 million foreign tourists visiting Mapo-gu, the third M-PAT Classical Music Festival will enhance the brand value of the city of Mapo as well as transforming into live performance halls such as Rolling Hall, Hana Tour V Hall, and West Bridge, which are around Hongdae area. In addition, Korea's well-known tourist's spots by foreigners such as the Park Avenue, Han River and Bunk Guest House into classical concert halls. We aim to change the paradigm of Mapo-gu tourism from shopping-oriented to cultural arts experience based tourism through cultural arts by holding a special Fam-tour in Mapo Oil Tank Culture Park, which used to be a warehouse storing oil in the past now rebuilt as a multi-cultural complex. In order to create tourism brands through performing arts, the 3rd M-PAT Classical Music Festival 2018 combined with domestic tourist products by connecting with the EG shuttle bus and inviting officials from hotels, opera package products, incentive packages, and Seoul International Travel Mart. Moreover, we actively utilized foreign tourist resources such as the Guesthouse Association, the Hotel Representative Committee, Mapo-gu Tourist Information Center, Embassies of each country and Association of Foreigners in Korea.

Produced opera ""The Love Potion"" performing

in Sangam World Cup Park Waterside Special Stage

The 3rd M-PAT Classical Music Festival 2018, following from the previous year, produced the outdoor opera for the first time from a local government through Sangam World Cup Park Waterside Special Stage. Based on the know-how of planning and producing the opera in 2017, we will present the opera in 2018, a masterpiece by composer Gaetano Donizetti, who represents the Italian Opera in first half of the nineteenth century. The opera ""The Love Potion"" is a happy ending story with a comic element, and the aria ""A furtive tear (Una furtiva lagrima)"" is the signature song. Two young artists representing Korea will take the lead in this produced opera. First, Jeong Seonyeong, the representative producer of Korean opera who presents her own delicate and sensuous production based on the deep and sincere understanding of the original work, directed the production and the young conductor ""Jo Jeonghyeon"" from the Cincinnati Convervatory of Music in the US, who has won the first place in the 6th Blue Danube International Opera Conducting Competition 2015, will conduct the Korea Coop Orchestra. In particular, this performance will offer an outdoor opera accompanied by romantic sunsets with the participation of top-class vocalists who are actively involved in both domestic and international performances, such as Kim Geonwu, Lee Jaewook, Park Hana and Lee Jeongeun.

A large classical music festival in the city center with total of

48 classical arts groups, 439 classical artists and 70 performances

The 3rd M-PAT Classical Music Festival is planned to be a massive urban classical music festival with total of 70 performances by 48 classical groups and 439 artists. In addition, the festival is receiving high expectations outside the area because it is a festival hosted through attracting external funds to cover full expense as government subsidy and tourism fund. The 3rd M-PAT Classical Music Festival 2018 will rediscover various places in Mapo-gu through festivals, transform Mapo-gu tourist paradigm from shopping and food into performances and festivals. At the same time, we will continue to improve the brand value of global art cultural city Mapo through planning a classical program that fosters the promising prospect classical musicians as well as providing the classical music where any Mapo-gu resident can enjoy easily and providing elegant global contents to foreign tourists through the sensation of classical music which is echoed throughout Mapo-gu.